On this page you can find links to individual prints of me for sale, entire series available for digital download, and information on upcoming gallery shows. To read more about *why* I model nude, click HERE

PRINTS FOR SALE – Unique Nudes
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PRINTS FOR SALE – Juxtaposition Photographic Arts (click an image to see ALL the prints from that series)
20160430-218 (social media) []    20160617-2019-D81_5615_(social_media)_JuxPhoto.com_


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  1. I’m just a guy out here collecting on tumblr all those things I probably shouldn’t be collecting. But I do love music and I do love photography (tripped across Unique Nudes via my blog) and I do love what you had to say about nudity. We should all be nude all the time – just think of all the ‘hangups’ it would get rid of. Don’t want anything, just to encourage you on your journey. I’m 71, male, nude most of the time – but in the closet, and wish you well

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